Dr. Neal’s experienced, professional Metro Atlanta chiropractic care has helped so many people. Although your wellness is the best testimony to his skills, he is appreciative of those patients who have taken the time to offer these kind comments.

See the CBS Atlanta YouTube video with Dr. Neal on allergy relief treatment.

I started seeing Dr. Neal while living in Gwinnett county. When I moved to Cobb county, I could not find anyone that could measure up to him and get me out of pain so I went back to him. He is fantastic! I have never had any problems getting a last minute appointment.

– Victoria Alexander

I woke up with a headache that stayed with me all morning for 40 years. After seeing Dr. Neal a week and a half, his gentle work on my neck stopped the morning headaches.

I rarely ever get a headache now and if I do, I see Dr. Neal for a follow-up treatment and they go right away.

– Marilyn H., retired schoolteacher

I have suffered with allergy problems my whole life. After the 8th treatment I did something that used to cause a major attack and had no symptoms. This is amazing!

– Andrew M.

I was experiencing numbness in my right arm and hand that was affecting my ability to work as a dentist. After seeking help from an MD and another chiropractor, I went to Dr. Neal.

I regained total feeling in my hand and the pain was gone! I highly recommend Dr. Neal’s work and professional skill.

– Dr. David H., DDS

After the third treatment I was able to eat cereal without my nose turning on like a faucet.

– Robin N.

I suffered headaches every day for 15 years. I was miserable! I had seen every expert known to man in Atlanta when my sister told me to see Dr. Neal. I was very skeptical but had nothing to lose.

Dr. Neal explained my headaches (and sinus problems) were from a pinched nerve. He was gentle, caring, effective and it worked!! I feel like a new person (which is confirmed by my friends and family). Try it… it works!

– Connie M.

I had suffered with the daily pain of shingles for 15 years. After the first week of treatment my pain is gone.

– Ellie B.

When I first saw Dr. Neal I could not walk without help. I had such intense pain in my low back and left leg I had to lay down on his waiting room floor. It took several treatments but he fixed my low back and got my “life back” for me!

– Brad I.

Our daughter was allergic to almost everything she ate. Our lives revolved around what Jennifer could or couldn’t eat. Special meals, plans, grocery shopping, etc. was the norm. We were told she would never get better, to avoid the problem foods and stay on her meds.

We just finished our 3rd week of allergy treatment and she is 75-80% better. It’s amazing!

– Mrs. Jessica A.

I was suffering with low back and right hip/knee pain. Every time I bent over at work my low back hurt. I couldn’t exercise without pain in my hip and knee which made me have to quit early.

Being treated by Dr. Neal stopped all that pain and I can now walk for an hour without pain. I also brought my wife and daughter to him for care and they both had great results.

– Elliot F., MD

I had a constant bloating in my stomach and abdomen. After the third treatment it is significantly better. My clothes fit right again!

– Jean N.

I injured my lower back and hip area. It was very difficult to sit, stand or lay down without constant pressure and pain.

After an initial exam and X-rays, Dr. Neal determined my hips were out of alignment. The first adjustment produced good results, and after just 4 visits, the pain and pressure were all but eliminated. I will continue to see him until we have reversed the effects of this injury.

– Jeff C.

We took our autistic son back to his MD for an evaluation after his allergies were treated with the BAX-3000. The MD stated he is no longer autistic and removed the diagnosis… We are thrilled!!

– Mr. & Mrs. Murray

A DPM recommended cortisone and exercises to correct my heel pain. Although I saw progress, there was not much improvement after two months. Surgery was recommended.

However, chiropractic treatment produced excellent results! The first visit lessened the pain, and after several treatments it was almost gone. No surgery!

– Linda S.

I was getting headaches for no apparent reason. My ENT suspected allergies but he couldn’t find the cause. Dr. Neal explained some allergens don’t cause a reaction for 1-3 days. Since starting treatment I haven’t had a headache in 4 weeks!

– JoAnn T.

Knee pain forced me to back down stairs and go up one at a time. One doctor recommended life-long anti-inflammatory medication; another surgery; and a third said I would need knee replacement in 10 years.

Dr. Neal’s caring, gentle skill to heal changed all that. I can now navigate stairs in a normal fashion and am beginning to walk for exercise regularly. I no longer take anti-inflammatories!

– Kaye O., Nurse

Our life revolved around what our son couldn’t eat, which was about everything. We could never go out to a restaurant without paying for it later. His food allergies are now gone after his BAX-3000 treatment and our life’s a lot simpler.

Thanks Doc!

– Maurine J.

I suffered from low back pain and vertigo. Conventional medical treatment and pain killers yielded no improvement.

Dr. Neal’s treatments have improved my flexibility and restored my sense of smell and taste. The vertigo has lessened significantly and the lower back pain is nearly gone.

– Larry K.

Lower back pain radiated to my hip, leg and foot. I tried therapy, cortisone shots, Chinese massage and anti-inflammatories — resulting in temporary relief.

I came to Dr. Neal as a skeptic and am now a real believer in chiropractic. The results are tremendous — no pain, total relief. An extra benefit: I’m now able to sleep all night!

– Vance B.

I was injured in a car accident, but thanks to Dr. Neal, I am now back cheerleading without pain and back problems!

Thank you, Dr. Neal. You are a heaven-sent great guy!

– Janis M.

When I came to Dr. Neal I could not lift a cup of coffee. The pain in my hand and neck was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

Now the pain is almost gone and I can use my hand again!

– Virginia P.

A car accident left me with neck and back pain that bothered me for many years. A pain specialist had me do daily exercises, relaxation techniques and prescribed medicine, but it didn’t help. I learned to live with chronic pain.

I was very nervous about seeking chiropractic care, but Dr. Neal was extremely reassuring and put my fears to rest. The pain flare ups are reduced and I have less chronic pain and headaches. I’m glad I stuck with the treatments!

– Tess M.

I had headaches, neck pain and lower back pain that radiated down into my leg and toes. I underwent cortisone shots, two operations and was looking at a third when my son almost dragged me to see Dr. Neal.

I can now drive my car without being in excruciating pain. Dr. Neal has given me a new chance in life because I know the pain can be helped without additional surgery. Thank God for Dr. Neal!

– Lillie G.

A doctor said I should take anti-inflammatories and lose weight to help my knee problem.

Dr. Neal has helped me so very much. I can now walk without pain, have greater mobility, more energy, and it’s much easier getting out of chairs. I highly recommend Dr. Neal, his treatments, encouragement and attitude over most doctors!

– Elizabeth A.

Our son was a chronic bed wetter from the time he was out of diapers through age 6. Doctors recommended an alarm system and said he would grow out of it.

ONE visit to Dr. Neal fixed this problem!! And our son is very happy!

– Ralph M. (father)

I lived with lower back pain for 30 years. Exercise, physical therapy and spinal blocks provided no relief.

Dr. Neal’s gentle and varied methods of treatment have me walking, shopping, etc. without pain!

– Ann M.

I hurt my lower back and hip during the last month of pregnancy. Bed rest and medication were prescribed until the baby was born, but the pain was so bad I couldn’t walk and I didn’t want to take drugs that might hurt the baby.

Dr. Neal knew what the problem was immediately. I was walking within a week, and walking normally without pain in two. I’m sleeping better even this pregnant!

– Denise J.