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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Does the BAX-3000 provide permanent relief from allergies and related conditions?

A.  In most cases, the BAX-3000 will provide long-term, if not permanent, relief. Some patients may require additional treatments in a few months or years.

Q.  Is the BAX-3000 therapy painful?

A.  No. There is no pain or discomfort during treatment. A small percent of patients report slight flushing or congestion for a short time (an hour or so) after their session. This is actually a sign that the body is detoxifying (a good thing)!

Q.  How many visits will be required?

A.  The number of visits required depends entirely on the number and types of allergies. Patients with one allergy will usually require one visit, a patient with multiple allergies may require more. The average number of visits required is 6.

Q.  If I already know what I am allergic to, would I still need to be tested or can I go straight to the treatment therapy?

A.  We recommend all patients undergo the diagnostic portion for several reasons:

  1. The BAX-3000 can determine what specific component of the allergen is causing the reaction. By identifying and treating these, there is a higher degree of diagnostic specificity and, therefore, higher clinical success rates.

  2. 95% of all allergic reactions do not occur for hours or days after exposure, which can lead people to incorrectly identify the true culprit of their reaction.

  3. Allergies are actually the cause of many of the oftentimes minor and sometimes debilitating health problems many of us deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of us simply do not make the connection between symptom and allergy, causing the problem to become chronic. Identifying those underlying allergies can help to clear up many of these problems.

  4. The cumulative affect on symptomology that these underlying allergies have can exacerbate the symptoms caused primarily by the known allergy.

Q.  When will I notice improvement in my allergies?

A.  Most people notice a significant decrease in symptoms after their first, second or third visit. Your timetable will depend on how many allergies you have and what those allergies are. There are cases when asymptomatic allergies may require treatment before the primary allergy is treated. It is not uncommon for the symptoms associated with the primary allergy to reduce or clear up completely after only asymptomatic allergies are treated.

Q.  Are their any side effects?

A.  No. A small percent of patients report slight flushing or congestion for a short time (an hour or so) after their session, but this is actually a sign that the body is detoxifying (a good thing)!

Q.  Is the BAX-3000 safe for children?

A.  Yes! The BAX-3000 is safe for all ages.

Q.  What allergies can the BAX-3000 identify?

A.  The BAX-3000 has 4,000 allergens in the main procedure libraries and an additional 96,000 in the advanced libraries. These include almost every substance that could possibly cause an allergic reaction. To see what conditions other than classic allergies can be helped by the BAX-3000, click here.

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